Sep 11, 2015

Saving Energy On The Go--Street Sense Style

What do you see when you envision a solar panel?

Some of you may have visions of over-sized panels of glass weighing down your roof. Others may see an “immovable sea of glass glimmering in the blazing desert sun.” Did you know that there are spectacular innovative solar-powered products to enhance your life? They include tools for education, fashion, health, & entertainment. Here are few unexpected finds the guys at Street Sense came across that you can pick up today.

Headlights in the trunk?
Imagine your car breaks down on a lonely dark highway in the middle of nowhere. How are you going to repair that broken taillight or see the spare tire you have in your trunk if you can’t see what you are doing? Well you should use the solar cap pictured above behind Ken. The cap charges during the day and on its lowest setting it will last you thirty six hours. Plenty of time to fix a broken headlight, change a tire or replace a spark plug. Don't go strolling rock creek park at night without one.

Illuminating minds 
It’s the turn of the century and teachers stood before the class at the blackboard with chalk in hand educating and fascinating young minds. In today’s advanced world children can access vast arrays of knowledge through smart devices powered by the sun. The device Reggie found is the iSlate, a solar-powered iPad. Currently, the solar pads are helping impoverished children in India learn about the outside world. This product shows great promise just could possibly take your next mid term exam from Meridian Park without having to worry about your battery dying via this trusty solar power device.

Solar Roller 
Ever experience the use of an electric wheelchair? Scott has. It is heavy to manually operate and when you lose power, it’s not like on your phone where you go to any cafe. That is what makes the solar wheelchair a great innovation. Can you envision never pit stopping your vehicle because you got a solar panel on it? At 5 mph you can ride 4.5 hours at a time. In fact, you may elect to outfit it with USB outlets to charge your small electronics. This translates into even more savings on your domestic energy bill. The solar wheelchair will charge all day and store power for that midnight ride.

Let the show begin, Tickets Please!
We don’t care for crowded theaters and that random person picking up their phone in the middle of an important scene. We also demand energy conservation. We want to have our cake and eat it too! Now you can, with the world’s smallest solar-powered movie theater, Sol Cinema (pictured with Vijay and Adam). The theater is a converted trailer that seats eight people and is completely solar-powered. Imagine the savings of operating the entire cinematic experience including video projectors, sound system, laptops, hard drives and lights from the energy of the sun via solar panel. No energy bill, performances anywhere at anytime, encore!!!

Tell us your favorite solar product on go and if you would like to learn more about solar energy & their uses in the D.C. Metropolitan area let us know with your comments on

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