Feb 19, 2015

University Hall Condos Solar Roof

BJ is not yawning but in fact surprised at the expansive solar array
I took this video perched on top of a chimney to get a good shot of the solar panels at the University Hall Condominiums at 3000 7th St. NE DC. As of the making of this video, these solar panels were not yet captured on Google maps. It's 150 kw that will help offset 60% of the buildings energy demands.

Atta Kiarash of Solar Solutions was nice enough to give me and my friend BJ a tour of the roof. He already gave us a tour of the Self Storage Zone and has promised a few others. I'm finding that if you want to learn more about solar, find a solar ambassador like Atta.

**Finally, I wouldn't recommend doing what I did--I nearly fell into the four-story chimney while balancing and inhaled some powerful fumes.

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