Feb 24, 2015

Anyone Know Who Makes these Photovoltaic Tubes in NYC?

The PV tube is the black pole behind the
bikes and above the sign
I visited Brooklyn for President's Day. I was happy to see that New York's City Bike program installed a number of these solar photovoltaic tubes.

The bike share program was launch in May 2013, has 300 stations, and is rapidly expanding. This is an excellent opportunity for more solar installations.

However, I don't have additional information on these tubes. City Bike has not responded to my inquiries and the below blogs can only speculate. Nothing is listed at the bike stations. Does anyone know any of the following:  place and company that manufactured, nominal power (watts), cell type, and contact information?
- http://www.voltaicsystems.com/blog/analysis-of-citibikes-solar-pole/
- http://cleantechnica.com/2013/05/29/new-york-city-bike-share-launches-reactions-how-to-use-the-citi-bikes/
- http://www.streetsblog.org/2013/04/08/eyes-on-the-street-citi-bike-station-installations-begin/

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