Jan 22, 2015

Asheville Solar Post! Awning #2

I've been looking forward to posting on Andrew's Solar blog for a while now. So here goes nothing!

North Carolina is a superb place to be if you’re interested in solar power. NC installed the third highest amount of solar for the 3rd quarter of 2014 (Figure 2.2, Solar Market Insight Report). We finished just after California and Nevada! Western NC definitely has a culture of green living--we like our hikes, buy local foods, drink local brews and put up solar where ever we can.

Fulfilling my Ashevillian duty, I was going to the local health foods store when I spotted some beautiful solar panels. The panels were disguised as an awning outside of Green Sage Café in the Westgate shopping center. It’s composed of five emerald green panels that pump out enough energy to power 109 LED NC made lights that illuminate the cafe. The LED lights were locally made as well as the light fixtures. Green Sage Café is renowned for caring about its carbon footprint and does a wonderful job keeping up with using alternative energies. Pretty awesome solartunity if you ask me!

Danny Polich is Andrew's brother and is writing from Asheville, NC. He's a big fan of hiking and rock climbing. He also does Parkour.

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