Jan 25, 2015

Solar Interview at the Argyle Condos

The cool thing about these panels is that they're not screwed into the roof.
Cinder blocks under a weighted frame keep them from blowing off.
Yesterday was my first solar roof tour. Mr. Wayne Gleason showed me around the Argyle Condos in Mt. Pleasant, which he owns and maintains.

Wayne is an imposing figure--he's around 6'4" and is an Army vet. However, he's the most welcoming solar host I've encountered since I started the blog. As we toured, it was easy to see that everyone respects him; from the condo owners to the contractors to the store owner next door.

The hour-long tour was a mix of visiting the solar on the roof, visiting a few condos, and learning about his amazing life experience.

Instead of my normal solar summary, I'll let Wayne do the talking in two videos, each less than one minute.

In the first video, we're up on the roof and he talks about the solar installation. Notice the National Cathedral in the background. In the second video, we're in front of the and he explains how he ended up paying $100 instead of $150,000.

Enjoy and look forward to my amateur videos becoming increasingly professional.

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