Dec 6, 2014

Solar All Around Us

With the holiday season in full swing I can’t help but be tempted to play Love Actually on repeat.  A pervading theme throughout the movie is the idea that “Love actually is all around.”  You might not have a constant awareness of its presence, but if you look hard enough you will certainly find it.

A month ago I was living in blissful oblivion to the prevalence of solar energy in D.C.  The installments are often subtle or too far above eye level to catch the attention of the hurried D.C. professional.  But Andrew’s interest in solar has led me to notice it, well, seemingly everywhere.

After popping into Tesla Motors’ D.C. showroom (more from Andrew on them later) I spotted this solar installation at K & 11th Street NW.  My best guess it that the box contains utility lines, given the “Miss Utility: Before you dig. Every dig. It’s the law.” stickers plastered on the front and back. 

Trust me—once you start looking you will undoubtedly realize that solar really is all around us, but that does not mean you will always understand its purpose.  So… any energy experts out there have insight on this process?


  1. Ann Katherine, Washington Gas has a number of these "Miss Utility" alert systems around DC. If a construction company begins digging near one of these gas lines, an alert is sent out to Washington Gas. There's also a number listed on these stations. Here's more information:

  2. Only you can prevent underground utility damage!