Jan 10, 2015

Solar Church

The other night, I was biking by the Petworth metro station and noticed a giant solar array on the Fisherman of Men Church roof.

When I went back, it was impossible to get a good photo from the sidewalk: trucks kept passing, telephone wires and light poles obstructed the view, and everyone was giving me the look. I considered climbing the church and am happy I didn't follow through with that.

Then it hit me. I looked up at the Park Place Apartments across the street and saw the perfect overlook from the seventh floor roof deck. Handel's Messiah played in my head like a choir of angels as I walked over.

From the Park Place Apartments Rooftop
I entered the modern-meets-70s lobby and bluntly asked, "Can I go up to your roof?  It's for my solar blog." Rhonda the concierge was happy to take me. She'd never been up there herself and was intrigued by my project.

I got some great photos of the 52 kilowatt solar-powered church. More importantly, I learned to not be afraid to ask for what I want, even if it sounds weird.

There's a great article about the church and it's solar roof: Powered by God's Created Sun, Empowered by His Only Begotten Son. Ha!

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