Feb 21, 2016

Scott "The Solar Wizard" Sklar Interview

I went with a different color for each
 of the videos of this 4-part series. The
full interview combines all colors
On February 3, I got to sit down and interview Scott Sklar. I often refer to him as the clean energy wizard. You can ask him anything about energy and he'll have an answer--often very futuristic. If you ask people in the solar world about him, they are proud if they had the chance to work with him. For his host of government and private-sector clients, he's always concocting a mixture of renewable energy solutions. So to interview him for my blog was a real catch.

The interview lasted just under an hour and it was a struggle getting it down to 4 sub-five-minute segments. The discussion covers a broad range of topics: the evolution of Scott's Stella Group, the future of America's energy portfolio, a beach ball-like solar lantern, and how to succeed as a clean energy entrepreneur.

This is what Sklar's solar house reminds me of. You should go visit!
We did the interview in Scott's Arlington office. It feels like you're entering into Merlin's house from Disney's Sword and the Stone. The room is packed full of inventions I've never seen and half-completed science projects.

I didn't have my videographer, Potencial Puro with me so I had to make do with my cell phone. My phone did a good job with the visual but the audio couldn't compete with Potencial's shotgun mike. In addition to that, I didn't have a tripod so I had to binder clip my phone to a stand-up glass statue.

These interviews were very info-dense so it took a long time to edit. I finally finished on February 20.

Although I found the interview educational, I think my videos should focus more on very hands-on experiences like touring a solar field or building my own, mini-solar experiment. That's the style that seems to work for the Primitive Technology Youtube channel. Most of this guy's videos have 1 million+ views!

And now, the video. My favorite is Part II. Check it out!

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