Oct 24, 2015

A Taste of Solar in Lisbon

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I was touring Lisbon on October 19 and couldn't help but notice some solar. This was a three day trip to the city for a conference on NATO and Industry. I was excited enough to be travelling internationally and the conference didn't disappoint either. However, I didn't expect to see so much solar! What a pleasant surprise.

Here's Portugal's solar profile: by the end of 2013, Portugal produced an estimated 437 GWh of electricity which supplied nearly 166,500 homes and saved approximately 107,074 tonnes of CO2 emissions. In 2013, solar power was responsible for .58% of the total electricity produced (source). Not bad and that's about what percentage the US is at.

Here are the descriptions for the collage:

  • Top left--Solar Do Castelo Inn located next to the Castelo de São Jorge. From the Castelo, I noticed a number of solar panels on the roof. It's not photovoltaic, which converts sunlight directly into electricity but solar thermal, used to heat water.
  • Top right--A line of PV panels on the roof of the Museu do Combatente with the Torre de Belem on the right. I have no idea what they power and the tour guides at the museum weren't terribly knowledgeable on the issue either. 
  • Bottom left--PORTugal Wine located in the Jardim da Torre de Belém. I couldn't find information on the solar but here's some additional info on prices and selections.
  • Bottom right--View from the Castelo de São Jorge overlooking Lisbon. In the foreground, you will notice a gorgeous collection of solar panels. I believe those are positioned on top of the ZamBeZe Restaurante.
Below is a map to help you locate the different solar sightings.

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