Aug 10, 2015

Solar Friends at Street Sense

From left to right: Levester, Ken, Scott, and Reggie
Some time ago, I realized I needed outside help with my blog. I needed an infusion of energy and new ideas. So, I reached out to the bloggers and editors at Street Sense a D.C.-based 16-page bi-weekly street newspaper founded in 2003 that "elevates voices on poverty issues and creates economic opportunities for people experiencing homelessness".

On July 9 and August 8, I met in an upstairs room at the Church of the Epiphany downtown to talk with some of Street Sense's vendors. The four that I am working with bring very different talents and personalities to the table. Here they are:
  1. Levester Green, the gentle giant who is chalked full of good ideas but will sooner sit back and listen to others. He is very tech-savvy.
  2. Ken Martin, an artistic man who is complementary of younger colleagues. For some reason, I think he belongs on Broadway.
  3. Scott Lovell, a constantly smiling person that could talk indefinitely if challenged. However, he is happy to give others the floor and support their ideas.
  4. Reggie Black, also tech smart and very eager to share ideas during our sessions.
Our August 8 brainstorming was a lot of fun. They listed off new solar technologies they were seeing online. Many of these I had never heard of or imagined.

The organizer and instructor is Adam Motiwola, an engagement director at the branding group Fifth Tribe. Adam a young, stylish guy that seems to have some huge media and marketing background. He's humble and doesn't brag about it. Most of all, I enjoy watching his efforts to instill order on this creative and free-thinking crowd.

I'm excited to see what these guys offer and keep you eyes peeled for their post!

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