Dec 31, 2014

Giant Solar Parking Lot at FedEx Field

Notice how tiny the car is in comparison
Today, I took the metro out to FedEx field to visit a giant solar parking structure that partially powers the stadium and 10 electric vehicle recharge stations. It was my solar pilgrimage for the end of 2014.

I shot the below video using my android phone and a yellow, extending light bulb changer. The changer won me a bunch of stares on the metro.

To give you an idea of how big the structure is, here are some stats I pulled from NRG's fact sheet about the parking structure:
-At the lowest point, it's 16 feet high. Even with my 15 foot pole, I struggled to get a good video from above and eventually had to stand on a dumpster. I was spotted by the parking lot's security cameras. They encouraged me to go away and celebrate New Year like everyone else.
-There are 7,600 solar panels.  I couldn't be happier about this.
-It covers 841 parking spaces. I measured it on Google maps and it's about 530 ft. by 380 ft.
-It produces 2 Mw at peak power. My grandpa just invested in a 22 kw backup generator for his house, which is 1/90 the amount!

This was a great adventure but I think next time, I'm going to film using a quadcopter.

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