Dec 15, 2014

Solar Group Cell Phone Charger in Rosslyn

Spotted at 19th and N Moore St in
Rosslyn, VA
As my girlfriend and I were leaving her work holiday party at the Continental Pool Lounge in Rosslyn, VA, I was excited to see this solar powered communal cell phone charger.

This interesting device is the brainchild of Landscapeforms and Green Barrel Energy Inc. According to my unofficial competition, the Bryant Park Blog, this is being installed big time up in Bryant Park, NYC. It's got five wheels on the bottom and six charging cables. It's an excellent place to place your drink or have a conversation.

But I've got a question for Landscapeforms. I know you're into making sleek looking street furniture but this may be too minimalist. I need more SOLAR! You could have four times the solar cells and it would function as a nice shade for people in the summertime and shelter in the rain.

I bet you'd reply, "Well then it's too expensive and could topple over with a gust of wind and seriously hurt someone". Good point.

Source: Solaris. Disclaimer, not in DC.
My suggestions are: additional anchoring, widen the base, use panels that rotate in the wind (smaller panels that move independently), or use self-folding panels activated by local weather alerts.

To the left is a beautiful design by Solaris to take into consideration.

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