Nov 26, 2014

How to Build Your Own Solar Security Camera

MSP Mobile Surveillance System at
5th and W NW
I live just southeast of Howard University, a school of 10,000 students. For any university, student safety is a top priority so security and surveillance systems are abundant.

Maryland Security Professionals (MSP) provides the mobile surveillance systems for Howard campus and I've spotted three in my wanderings.

I went to inspect the trailer with my handyman brother, Danny Polich and he had a couple observations. First, this trailer is a tough nut to crack. The trailer wheels are chained, the hitch is double locked, and the batteries and DVR are padlocked in metal boxes. Second, this sort of system could be easily handcrafted with most parts available at Home Depot: Swann Security Cams ($807), utility trailer ($1,000), trailer hitch lock ($22), additional pad locks and chains ($75), and two Joboxes ($720) for batteries and DVR. With surveillance DVR ($200) and 4 solar panels ($1,000), I estimate the total cost of making this trailer comes to $4,824.

In addition to universities, this solar tool is useful for a number of places including construction sites, parking lots, back alleys, stadiums, entrances/exits, and pay points. I expect to see an international increase in these systems for places of social unrest and violent conflict. Furthermore, I expect them to be cheaper than American counterparts thanks to the mobile phone and solutions similar to iCam.

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